Kurupt – Streetlights (2010)

Nota: 9.9/10

L-am ascultat in drum spre facultate si back, deci inca nu am ascultat tot albumul, dar ruleaza fin din ce am ascultat pana acuma.


1. Intro
2. Im Burnt (Ft. Problem)
3. Questions (Ft. Uncle Chucc)
4. In Gotti We Trust (Ft. Xzibit)
5. Face Down (Ft. J. Black, Tone, Terrace Martin)
6. Yessir
7. All That I Want (Ft. Snoop Dogg, J. Black)
8. Im Drunk (Ft. J. Black)
9. Scape (Ft. Terrace Martin, Virgina Slim, Big Tri)
10. Riot In The Club
11. Im The Man (Ft. J. Black, Jah Free)
12. Im Burnt (Remix) (Ft. Snoop Dogg, Roscoe, Problem)
13. Streetlights (Ft. Tone)
14. Bounce, Rock, Skate (Kurupted Mix) (Ft. Dj Drama, Snoop Dogg,Dj Quick, Terrace Martin)

Info: Amazon.com


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